Ski and snowboard carriers / racks from Fabbri

Fabbri has a complete range of high-quality Italian manufactured ski racks and snowboard carriers for your car, SUV or 4x4.

Ski and snowboard carriers/racks from Fabbri are for serious winter sports enthusiasts and beginners alike. We understand that when you go to the slopes, you need a lot of equipment. So why not transport your skis and snowboard on your car, leaving room for all the kit and passengers inside the vehicle.

Fabbri has a complete range of options for ski and snowboard racks depending on your car and the kit you already have. Many of our customers have Fabbri bike racks that are easily adapted to carry ski and snowboards. These include the incredibly tough GRINGO and the supremely adaptable BICI range.

If you already have roof rails, the Alaski and Servo ranges are ideal.

For the ultimate in adaptability and speed, Fabbri has some great roof mounted magnetic ski and snowboard racks that use high-grade magnetic plates that are guaranteed to safely transport for skis and snowboards, even under extreme situations.

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