Optional Ski & Board Carrier For Exclusive Deluxe Bike Racks

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Why buy two racks? You can easily convert your BICI Exclusive Deluxe 2 or 3 or Elektrobike Exclusive Deluxe towbar mounted bike rack into a ski and/or snowboard carrier.

This accessory has a large capacity.  You can transport various combinations of boards and skis – eg. six pairs of skis or four snowboards / three pairs of skis and two Snowboards.

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Turn your towbar mounted bike rack into a ski and snowboard rack. Fabbri’s Optional Ski & Board Carrier converts the BICI Exclusive range of bike racks to carry your winter sports kit.

  • Exceptional load capacity. You can carry 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, or, 3 pairs of skis and 2 snowboards.
  • Hinged lockable bars prevent the removal of your skis/snowboards.
  • Tilting Rack! You don’t need to remove your rack from the towbar to access your vehicle boot/load area.
  • Robust arc-welded aluminium construction.
  • Supplied pre-assembled for immediate use.
  • VCA approved
  • Free UK delivery

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