Optional Gringo Ski & Board Conversion Kit

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The optional Conversion GRINGO Ski & Board is a separate ski/snowboard rack module to fit the Gringo ‘Common Base Frame’ that is part of your Gringo BICI 2 4×4 back wheel bike rack. That’s the beauty of GRINGO – no need to change your rack, just transform it.

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  • Separate Ski and Board rack module to fit with the GRINGO ‘Common Base Frame’
  • Extra capacity – Combined Ski & Snow Board carrier.
  • Capacity – 6 pairs of Skis or 4 Snow Boards/3 pairs of Skis + 2 Snow Boards.
  • Skis are held captive within profiled holders secured by the hinged fully lockable bars preventing removal of Skis/Boards.
  • Available separately is a number plate holder and lighting system.

Note: If snowboards are to be carried, 4 x Spacer – ref: 6950267 must be fitted to prevent the Snow Board bindings from fowling on the spare wheel.