Optional – Gringo Ski Conversion Kit

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The optional Conversion GRINGO Ski is a separate ‘Box Type’ ski rack module to fit the Gringo ‘Common Base Frame’ that is part of your Gringo BICI 2 4×4 back wheel bike rack. That’s the beauty of GRINGO – no need to change your rack, just transform it.

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  • Separate ‘Box Type’ Ski rack module to fit with the Gringo ‘Common Base Frame’.
    Capacity – 4 pairs of Skis: Carving, Cross Type and ‘Off’ Piste or a mixed combination.
  • A lockable hinged guard allows the Ski’s to be loaded/unloaded.
  • Once closed and locked, the hinged guard retains the Ski’s in their holders and also acts as an anti-theft device.
  • Available separately is a number plate holder and lighting system.