EX display-Husky Ski & Board Magnetic Ski and Snowboard Rack (Roof Mounted – Universal)


The Husky Ski & Board magnetic roof mounted ski and Snowboard rack is suitable for 3 pairs of skis of any kind (even extreme Carving) or 2 snowboards or a combination of both boards and skis.

The magnetic roof mountings are very secure for the most extreme driving conditions that you will encounter in the mountains and will not damage your paintwork.

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Husky Ski & Board – magnetic ski and snowboard rack is roof mounted and universal to fit all cars.

  • Husky Ski & Board has great capacity. You can transport 1 to 3 pairs of skis or 1 to 2 snowboards
  • The magnetic attachment ensures easy attachment to your car and requires no tools to fit the rack.
  • A hinged lockable bar prevents the removal of your skis and boards. 
  • Flexibility for differing widths of skis and snowboard/ski combinations.
  • The patented anti-theft system locks your skis and magnets in position.
  • The magnetic plates are scratch proof. The material and design of the magnets ensure an excellent seal against moisture. This prevents the compromise of the magnetic hold in freezing temperatures.
  • A steel safety cord attaches to the inside of the vehicle for added security.
  • The ski and snowboard rack conforms to DIN 75302.
  • Free UK delivery.