Bici Ok 3 Standard – Bumper Mounted Bike Rack For 3 Bikes


Bici Ok 3 Standard is a bumper mounted bike rack for 3 bikes for cars with a boot/tailgate with a tailgate spoiler and full glass rear window without a frame.  This bike rack has a maximum carrying capacity of 45kg. Built from aluminium, it is lightweight and strong.

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Bici Ok 3 Standard – Bumper Mounted Bike Rack For 3 Bikes

  • Maximum capacity 45kg.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Designed to fit vehicles with a standard boot/tailgate arrangement – full glass rear window without frame and tailgate spoiler.
    See the application list for car variants.
  • Folds into the upright position when not in use.
  • Secured with 6 buckle straps and scratch resistant hooks.
  • Rotating joints are notched to give positive locking to prevent movement whilst travelling.
  • All bolted joints have nylon spreader washers to prevent damage to the rack due to over-tightening.
  • Cycles secured by means of aluminium arms rotating through 360˚ with rubberised protection for the bike frames.
  • Holds bikes with a frame thickness of ø 30-50 as standard.
  • Wheel-rail length of 1200mm allows for cycles of 1100mm wheel spacing and 50mm width tyres.


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