Gringo Bici 2 4×4 Spare Wheel Mounted Bike Rack

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The Gringo range is a modular rack system designed to fit onto rear door mounted spare wheels of all 4×4 vehicles. The system comprises of a ‘Common Base Frame’ which attaches to the rear mounted spare wheel – the chosen ‘carrier’ is then attached to the base frame.

The system allows interchangeability of optional modules (sold separately). Bike carrier to Ski carrier to Ski and Board carrier.

The system is constructed from stainless steel and aluminium giving a very rigid and durable product even under extreme situations.

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Gringo Bici 2 is a bike rack for off-road 4×4 vehicles that have a spare wheel mounted on the back, such as a Jeep or Landrover Defender. 

  • ‘Common Base Frame’ mounting.
  • Patented Universal Mounting System. Plastic coated stainless steel cables are secured by crossing over and under the spare wheel. They are drawn tight with a variable and lockable, fast lever system.
  • No tools are required and the lockable lever offers added security.
  • Longer securing cables are available to cater for larger spare wheels if required.
  • Gringo Bici 2 is designed to carry 2 bikes with a maximum weight of 30kg.
  • Your bikes are secured using rubber coated aluminium arms. The coating protects the bike frames.
  • Holds bikes with a frame thickness of ø 30-50 as standard.
  • Wheel-rail length of 1200mm allows for cycles of 1100mm wheel spacing and 50mm width tyres.


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