About Us

Fabbri Racks are the most technologically advanced bike, ski & snowboard racks for cars on the market today.

Our History

Fabbri was established in 1962 and recently joined the Mazzini group. The Mazzini group is a leader in the production and distribution of accessories for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

The company started life as a manufacturer of accessories for motor vehicles. Over time it specialised in the manufacture of products for transporting bikes and skis. Our product range has enlarged over time, with the company developing products based on market demand.

The philosophy of Fabbri

We are proud that all our products are made in Italy and we consider quality and safety our main priority. The company has recently embraced renewable energy with the installation of solar panels to power our factory.

Our Range

Fabbri Racks have a wide variety of products, designed for cars, SUVs 4x4s, vans and commercial vehicles.

All of our racks and boxes are easy to fit. If you have a problem, you can always call for advice from our friendly Fabbri UK team whenever you need it.

Why Fabbri Racks?
  • Built using only the highest quality components
  • Built to withstand extreme situations and give ultimate reliability
  • Modern production technologies using state of the art machinery
  • Market leading 2-year warranty with all racks
  • The widest selection of racks
  • Fast couriered delivery
Team Fabbri Racks

Our UK based sales team are happy to help you find the right rack for your needs. They will help you ensure the rack you choose is the correct size for your vehicle and is sufficient for your needs.

Our Showroom

Why not pay a visit to our showroom in Bidford-on-Avon where you can experience Fabbri products before buying.


All our racks come, as standard, with a 2-year warranty. Click here to find out more.